Sunday, July 7, 2013

Couple of follow-up items.

The Rock wall from Forks Creek to Black Hawk was bugging me. A friend Dave pointed out the rock mold joints were too noticeable. I looked at it over the course of a week and he was right. So out came my tool of choice, Sculpt-a-mold. Now at first I did not like using Sculpt-a-mold with plaster as Sculpt-a-mold does not stain well. Turned out it does hold washes well so with a little practice and some feathering in it can match plaster just fine.



Still a little more work to go to bleand better needed to let dry to finalize) but I think it looks much better.

Moral of that story is listen and don't be afraid to rework something to make it better. Thanks Dave!

On a second note: worked on the roughly 5-6 ft by 2 ft high section of rock wall from Forks Creek to Idaho Springs. Here is the result. Needs a little more painting, plants, weeds, dirt etc. but it is doing what I intended.

So a good time off. Rain really messed up our roof plans, but we did make some progress around the house and I got in a good bit of work on the layout.

Thanks Cameron

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