Monday, December 17, 2012

Water evaluation - Please comment!

Water evaluation - Please comment!

Spent last 2 weeks tweaking water. Used pictures taken by Tim and BHI + a good video - The Color of Water in Silverton -- Animas River Cleanup Day 2006

Used a combination of techniques and built-up in 4-5 layers. Rapids are silicon Chalk highlighted with titanium White. Used Enviro-tex tinted with green paint and brushed on 2+ layers. Added white highlights and Matte Medium to cut reflection and made the little eddies in the flow.

The idea is to model Creek at a high water level flowing fast during spring snow melt (April - May).

Here is the result. Please give honest feedback if I need to add or change something.

Downgrade from Forks Creek.

Elks Creek Bridge floor (sides being built).

180 degree turn between Beaver Brook and Elks Creek.

Just downgrade from Beaver Brook.

Downgrade Beaver Brook looking to new tunnel.

Looking straight down to show colors.

Please let me know if I need to do anything else. Working on Deck 1 and will be doing water soon so want to make sure I have the right look before doing another 38 linear feet of creek.

Thanks Cameron

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