Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunday Update - Creek revisited.

Sunday Update - Creek revisited.

Staring at the creek, I was not happy with the color and impression of depth. So tried a few things I thought I'd share.

First at trip to Michael's with a 50% off coupon. Both Flexible Modeling Paste and Matte Gel had been recommended.

Modeling Paste

Matte Ultra Gel

Both are not transparent or translucent. I was hoping for more translucent. So now will be a little harder to use.

Top is the Paste, Bottom is the gel.

Holds shape good so maybe they can be used for rapids. Will experiment with silicon some more for the translucent parts (flowing water between rapids).

Next turned to water color and depth. I decided I needed more green. Tim at BHI sent me some great pictures of Colorado streams flowing from snow melt which is what I was looking for. Tried tint, did not work so went back and tried some acrylic mixing 2 shades of green.

Pictures of selected areas with new water color:

All in all happier with the new color. Will add Matte Medium to cut reflection and post a few pictures.

As Deck 2 is in the detail phase started running trains and found issues with turn-out power. Got a RRamp meter for DCC and it really is great. Basically on at least 3 turn-outs the divergent leg is not getting power. Straight is ok. Looks to be the SPT on the turn-out control.

Also started concentrating on Deck 1 and beginning to work toward Black Hawk on Deck 2. Deck 1 has all rock work in, till fixing places where molds overlapped or I had to fill. Color starting to get pretty close. Also began cutting in Bridge 613.

Bridge abutments for Bridge 613 looking upgrade. Around curve is Beaver Brook.

Downgrade from Bridge 613 towards Huntsman.

Curve almost done, rocks in creek, adding dirt. Will begin to add rapids and the silicon dams needed for the envirotex.

Looking downgrade at Chimney Gulch towards Tough Cuss Pass.

Tough Cuss Pass looking downgrade. If train clears I will be happy with this scene.

Tough Cuss Pass looking upgrade.

Last shot, here is Deck 2 with the new water near Beaver Brook.

Just got my vultures in and Cactus at BOSCO made a Rabbi figure for me. It is cool looking. Will get some pictures for tomorrow.

Thanks Cameron

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