Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Problem Solution - Potietial Solution

Potential Solution to curve.

I mentioned a problem area on the curve as the brace would show. After some thinking about it I began trying to fix it.

Before: Note horizontal brace up top and going down on left side of track.

Cut support with jig saw and hand saw, tight fit. Secured electrical wiring up out of way. Painted cut-down horizontal and vertical flat brown. Makes a difference.

With flash showing rock casting temporarily fitted to see how it would look. Plan to make it longer and have it slide out to reach track. Will place trees to right to hide gap and to left to hide vertical post. Painted Black board and added dirt and rock.

Same shot no flash will determine how to light, probably a short led string. Will need to be careful, too much light will spoil the illusion.

So far looks like it should work.

Thanks Cameron

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