Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday Update

Sunday Update

While waiting for water modeling to be evaluated, worked on Deck 1. Most time spent blending colors for deck 1 front. Then added rock and dirt, retaining wall and prep for water.

Rock work blended.

Bridge deck temporarily in-place with retaining walls. Dirt work begun.

The curve to Beaver Brook. This is where some serious camouflage will be needed, details below.

Huntsman with dirt added. Mine will be just upgrade at spur. A hole is cut for tunnel and a short tunnel section prepared to glue behind wall. Will light and put mirror at end to make it look deeper (if visible, mine \ mill may hide.

Bridge area again with dirt and rocks added.

Curve up to Beaver Brook. The cardboard is holding retaining wall in-place while glue dries.

The curve is a area that will need work to hide bracing and wires. Thinking about making a recessed canyon wall set back from casting on right. Put new brace behind right casting and cutting brace showing above. The gap can be covered I hope with some cottonwood trees. Any thoughts?

Some good progress. Once dirt ready will start adding some ground cover and thinking about some static spring grass.

To put in prospective this is a 18" by 13' section, or 1/2 size of deck 2. The back half of deck 1 were shown before, that is where Tough Cuss Pass is.

Thanks Cameron

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