Monday, March 24, 2014

What new on the workbench

What new on the workbench

Working on track and turn-outs in z scale (hand-laying, trying without a jig due to tie sizes and intervals being HON2, not Z, but needing Z scale rail spacing (using z scale trucks and chassis)). Slow going so needed to begin work on some other pressing projects.

The Clear Creek Canyon is by far the most complete section of the layout and want to use if for my AP certificate. One area needing some more detail work is Beaver Brook. The bridge and flume area is in pretty good shape but need to complete the Pavilion, Station and Water tank so they can be bedded into the landscape before final detailing.

Some issues I facing is I have not found any plans for the Station House (existed roughly 1870-1895). Inquired amongst my mentor and they versed me on how to make plans from drawings. So this was my first step. No full view pictures of the front or back were available so I used several partials to put the pieces together.

Pictures of original are at:

Here is the plan derived from pictures. A little concerned doors might be a little too tall.

The plan is then cut-out and mounted on matte board. Will then cut out doors and windows, mount boards and add batten. You can then cut out window rough openings and file to fit.

Thanks for looking - Cameron

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