Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday 19 March Update

Running power continuing. Our Mikvah (like a baptistry in a Church) had a major issue requiring redoing the water-holding portion. This little extra surprise has taken a lot of time away.

In between the above efforts have been continuing with the running of power to the train room. To-date had been using 2 heavy duty extension cords. Son helped me for 3 hours and we have the wires (3 20 amp) run from house to the Train Room. Enclosed in 3/4" conduit. Will have complete to the room with the addition of 2 more 10' lengths. Will then begin wiring in the room.

The pollen count in Atlanta hit over 9000 today for a record, so any outside work is very difficult. Spring is here and temp is running in the low 80's. The wiring will allow not only lights & train power but a small heat pump.

Hopefully this week can cut in the power to the breaker box.


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