Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thursday Update

Finally got a little time to work on layout. Had counseling this week. While I love helping people it takes a lot of time and is emotionally draining. I read some where that those helping others in life crisis figuratively die a little with each crisis. I am beginning to glimpse what they meant by that statement. When it succeeds it is very rewarding, when it does not there is a real sense of loss.

My son helped me and we finished clearing the trash from demolishing the old layout. Filled 2 wardrobe packing boxes with little stuff and have more longer boards to get rid of. Disposal is something I did not think about much to my regret.

We then concentrated on wiring the train shed. Running 3 20 amp lines about 60 feet in grey plastic electrical conduit. Plan is for 1 20 amp circuit to be lighting (plus a plug or two). Second 20 amp to be track power and accessories (turn-outs, building lighting). Third circuit to be isolated for a heat-pump.

The 3 decks fit in a 12 x 22 space so the portable heat-pump should be acceptable. I did choose LED & CFL's to help with heat and make sure 1 20 amp could handle. On lighting it looks like about 80 lights at 14w so total of 1120 watts. Led's are looking at 24w per string with 12 strings adding 288 watts. Safely within the combined wattage of 1400 watts.

I believe power loss <5% with 12g wire so should not be an issue. All circuits could have been 15 amp 14g but it would be right on the edge.

Hope to work on it more Sunday morning. Time will be limited though as we have to install some ceramic tile and have counseling in the evening.

Question, is heat in the conduit from the wire an issue? Ran 2 sets of std 12 g housing grade wire NMB 12-3 in one conduit. Hope it is not a problem.

Thanks Cameron \ OD

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