Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weekend update:

Weekend update:

So the work on Forks Creek to Black Hawk and Idaho Springs continues.

This is looking downgrade from Argo Area to Forks Creek. Mountains on both sides and another bridge with creek going from left to right (front) on layout.

This shot is Forks Creek towards Argo Mill (will be just to left of the far corner. Lots of plaster cloth and rock castings to go. The foundation on right is for the Section house. Temp placement just to verify rock wall clearance.

Rock work is coming slowly. It looks like 12 castings just in the is one area. On the right you can see the scene separator, acts like a picture frame. The mountain will restrict view so track will disappear. The hidden area is about 4 sq ft and will just about hide a 6-8 car train before appearing in Black Hawk. Will need to plan how it will be hidden from Black Hawk side, worse case, tall trees.

Here is the area from the Clear Creek Canyon to Golden.

Here is the Black Diamond mine test fitted. Not sure fit there is an opportunity to use a picture frame in the right corner, left will have formed by mountain wall and fascia.

Looking through from Golden to Magpie. Base Scenery in place, will have to make some decisions about right wall. Right now a photo back-drop seems best. Needs another light added, way too dark.

Now to a few miscellaneous items:

Began laying out Roundhouse and turn table in Denver.

Just wanted to share these 2 shots, I really like how it is turning out. Shot 2 still needs Matte/Gloss Gel treatment. Once color and height is right will complete it.

Progressing well. With this track going into service it will really increase ability to run some. Still have issues with turn out controls and fixing several Turn-outs.

Thanks Cameron

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