Thursday, January 10, 2013

Been awhile

Guess it's been awhile. Had to go work on my Mother's Estate in Alabama. Boy was that difficult, lots of memories and lots of stuff to throw away. Still need at least one more trip.

Since getting back have done work mainly on the new staging area. Most of the base wood in. Probably going to forgo blackboard and roadbed. Will see if noise is acceptable. If not I will add the blackboard.

Here is a shot of the yard temporarily laid out just to check spacing. This is the view and clearance if you were coupling and uncoupling cars. Seems acceptable based on limited testing. Still need LED's, waiting on another power supply as I think I really pushing thins one.

Show turn-around.

So far had to adjust grade. Did this by lowering grade in Denver, sort-of George Sellios like. Got all Grades below 3%.

Beginning to work on affixing track, wiring and doing turn-outs. Thinking of using on-on toggle switches to control turn-outs. Tim of BHI publications recommended using bell cranks so I had more freedom in actual placement. If this works well it will most likely replace most turn-out controls both due to cost, and absolute polarity control.

More to follow later.

Thanks Cameron

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