Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lost it!

Lost it!

Ok folks around here always thought I was a little overboard. So this proves it.

Stared at the empty space under the middle peninsula. All that wonderful space gong to waste.

So the idea hit me, how about using it for staging. Denver was a weird mix, detailed engine yard and not detailed staging. I also have 2 FSM (Jacobs Coal & the Flour Mill) kits and 2-3 (Butchers Way, Avram's Bakery and maybe 1 other like Elijah Roths or Yehudah's) that I wanted to use. This would allow adding these and maybe a passenger terminal.

So whats the problem you ask? Well the track going around the Roundhouse would nee to drop 3". This was an issue as Clear Creek Canyon on the middle peninsula has only 3-4" separation. I didn't think a 50% grade was going to work.


First of all needed to discuss with my friend Dave. He's local, we work together and he has a real good head for spotting problems with my grand ideas. So we discussed and came up with "the plan".

First Deck 1 plan. Staging removed and replaced by Denver detail including the FSM kits I mentioned. Note roundhouse and track behind. Dropped run around from plan (moved to deck 0) and cut a section out to allow track to begin lowering about 24" from middle peninsula.

Deck 0 plan. Double ended Staging with a pass through to allow either end to be worked. Added a track for building the consist. Main-line does a 180 to provide a reverse loop. With 15-16" clearance and a 18" depth, it should be easy to couple and uncouple cars. Will use LED' strips for lighting.

Dave and I discussed operation issues and fact to stage you have to sit-down. All of deck 1 is designed for sitting so I think that is ok. Layout is a 1-3 person (max) so not much passing in aisles. Next layout will have 36" aisles.

Thanks Cameron

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