Friday, February 14, 2014

Coal-house Update

Coal-house Update

Couple of shots what I am working on in the SBM Challenge on Rail-Line Forum. This is part of the Idaho Springs build.

This is where we left off. Note right door is closed. As I was working on the next door I noticed there was not enough space for the door to slide the full width to right.

So what to do? I could redo completely - not a pleasant thought. I could switch to hinged doors - the sliders look so much better I did not want to go that route. Could try to widen building - issues with floor. Even considered shortening to 3 doors.

Thank Goodness a buddy that is building another coal-house suggested splitting the single to a double door and sliding both directions.

So giving it a go, made 1 set of doors and tested.

Completed other doors and mounted. Two open, one close and oops, some forgot to close the door all the way!.

Added top channel, happy with look. Add some more slats in door way to prevent coal from spilling out and I thing wagon side will be good.

Next steps, sides and roof. Thinking either planked roof with battens, or planked roof with rolled tar paper. if I got that route will have to tear a section to "show" the planks underneath.

After that detail interior to be seen trough doors and secure to a removable section of layout and scenic and add horse wagon being loaded.

Time is going to be tight, we shall see.

Thanks for looking - ideas and suggestions always appreciated.


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