Monday, February 17, 2014

Coal-House Sunday Update

Wow, it's actually starting to come together.

Building sidewall. left final external stud off to allow trimming to fit.

Having the right tool really helped, used just about every weighted right angle I have. The blocks will and the holes are my favorite. Wanted 100% vertical on the walls. Clamps are hold side walls while they dry.

Test fitting end wall and trimming to fit. I dont trust my measuring so always make a little long then sand.

Long walls in-place, really enjoying the look.

End wall now trimmed to fit, 2x6 spacer needed to complete as wall is just longer than thick support studs. If you look carefully you can see the coal bins inside structure being built.

Lucky for me there is a wide variety in how constructed. These tended to be strong (like an ore bin) to contain weight pushing out. They where not finely crafted, function over form. Nice and rustic.

Thanks Cameron

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