Sunday, February 23, 2014

Switch-back Update - reduced grade to 2.5%

Was not happy with result I was getting from grade meter and friends warned 4% grade was going to cause issues. So redid using 6 legs instead of 4 for roughly 2.5% grade. This time used a measuring tape across a 96" run to make sure grade was right.

Wide angle shot showing all 6 legs. 21" flat area at each end for transition.

Left side showing flat area and distance each side goes up. Measures 5" on each side across 2 legs of 96" each. Total 5/192 = 2.6%

Right Side showing same grade.

Right side tucks in behind Idaho Springs to Georgetown curve.

View from other side showing backdrop hiding switch-back.

Thinking this will be much better. Now to secure it all, lay track and put in cardboard strips for rough scenery. Gilpin used dry stone retaining walls frequently do I expect to use a lot of stone, wood and rock on the climb.

Thanks Cameron

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