Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wednesday Update

Wednesday Update

Worked on rock wall some more. All rough castings now in. Still need more fill with plaster and sculpt-a-mold.

Tried thinner plaster in cake decorator - this time too thin, what a mess it made.

A few pics to share:

Black Hawk side. Will use spray adhesive to add thick Paper as a "canvas" for backdrop painting. First shot just sky color.

Forks Creek Side

With mine temporarily in-place for context.

First spraying of color (helps me see better). The fill-in work takes a lot of time. Then add other coats, work on creek. Once ready will beginning scenery detail.

The mine has grown on me and the comments I received really helped. Will begin making the changes to incorporate scenery around mine.

Creek will be slow going as I need to take high quality pictures for a How-to I'm writing as part of the AP program.

Thanks Cameron

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