Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Update 26-May-2013

Sorry for the delay. Been slammed at work and had to replace brakes and rotor on an Expedition and struts on a Nissan. I can say the struts were bought springs and all and went on in about 2 hours including clean-up. Had to replace 4 tires and get an alignment so train budget is pretty much shot for the time being.

Got 3 hours Sunday to do some work, came up with an idea I want your input on.

This is the Banta Cimaron Mine kit. Bulit for my first layout and wanted to try and reuse. Thinking on cutting black Board anso it is removable and making part odf turn into Black Hawk.

2nd angle.

Do you think this will look ok?

More rock molds in-place on turn. This is upgrade from Forks Creek.

Next set on the downgrade from Black Hawk side.

I would have never dreamed of the number of castings this is taking, right now working on my 2nd 5 lb container of molding plaster.

More tomorrow. Let me know what your thoughts are on the Cimaron mine.

Thanks Cameron


  1. Looks like a great spot for it up front instead of the usual in back placement most people would do for a mine structure. Am I to asume the creek will run to the inside of the curve?

  2. Actually behind rail-line. Once you are in Black Hawk old maps show it on station side with a flume over part of it. That will be fun to model.

    Thanks for comment. Like forground rocks and objects to make it feel tighter, more like canyon, etc.