Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monday update

Monday update

Spent 3 hours on plaster rocks. Made some good progress.

Trying to amke a "module" so I can finish at desk. This is mine in previous post will go.

Using a cookie cutter approach to bench-work. Here is black board for mine removed, showing plywood base.

Mine on removable base.

Use Oscillating saw for the black board cuts. Here cutting out creek.

Major section of stone work on Black Hawk side, couple more molds and will be ready to join all together.

More Stone work Forks Creek side.

Tried something new, using cake kit to fill between rocks. First try not so good, tip stopped up. Think it will work just need to use bigger tip and make sure molding plaster has no lumps. Hobby lobby pd about 5 bucks (with coupon)for 8 backs, 2 couplers and 4 tips. Heard folks on narrowgaugechat talk about using ziplock bags wit the corner cut out.

Thanks Cameron

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