Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More fixing benchwork

Sorry for being so quiet.  Some full-scale modeling (or remodeling) had to be done at home.  Moved office upstairs and son downstairs.

On the railroad front:
  • Picked up a brass C&S West-side #74 2-8-0 from Caboose Hobbies, will post pictures when it arrives.
  • Happy with Idaho Springs support rods (see previous post) so installed on deck 2 & 3 on the Black Hawk side.  One more set to stall on deck 2 on the end of building where Black Hawk will extend and the Gilpin engine house will reside.  The Black Hawk side came out looking same as Idaho Springs and seems very secure.
  • Planning extension \ lift-out for deck 1 & 2.  Deck 1 will be simple aluminum channel.  Deck 2 will be roughly 2x deep by 3 foot wide and will have structures and scenery.
  • Worked on Idaho Springs side of the creek including looking at ways to hide the support rod.
  • Lastly got a plugin converter for my Noch static grass machine.  Been working on grass across from Argo Tunnel. The Colorado Central book by Sundance shows a park across from the tunnel and bins.  Trying mixing shades of grass and lengths to get a more realistic effect.
Thats all for now pictures as soon as I find to camera (moving office got me).

Thanks Cameron

PS - Face book for DG&CCRR at:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Denver-Golden-Clear-Creek-Railroad/184610271712604

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