Monday, September 16, 2013

Fixing a bench work problem

Having 3 decks is it's own challenge. When I built the decks they were tradition L-girder. I added 2x2 legs on front L-girder and supported back by lag bolting into studs. Over the last 18 months I started noticing issues. As work on Idaho Springs began those issues had to be addressed.

Talked to folks on several solutions from shelf brackets to longer wood legs. Each seemed to have issues. The legs were too distracting and hard to hide. The shelves had to support a 2' wide bench work and most had angle supports which would be distracting (in my mind) to the background.

Solution - Threaded rod. First idea was to go from floor through all 3 decks. This did not work as friends told me the 1/2" rod would bend. However, by securing to roof, hanging down it would hold the weight. So after planning and a trip to the local hardware/lumber store my son and I get started.

Sorry pictures with Iphone.

First step was installing a 2x8 across several rafters to spread weight out. Lag bolts gave it plenty of grip. Threaded rod inserted in hole with washer and 2 nuts behind wood support. Additional washer and nut in front of wood to secure.

Bolts through 2x4 on edge. Nuts and washers attached. Use same approach for both deck 2 & 3. Deck one uses legs to floor.

Wide view of span.

Shows rod and the old wood leg. I have 3 ways to hide rod: Tree, smokestack, or in mountain side. Will chose based on need and surrounding scenery. Not using washer and 2 nuts to lock into position to prevent loosening over time.

adjusting is a simple wrench turn and it is very precise. Here show a spot on level back to front. Sag also eliminated.

There are many solutions and this is what worked for me. I'm sure there are many others that might work better for you. All and all very pleased with result. Will duplicate it on the Black Hawk Side.

Will be testing for any 2x4 sagging. If an issue I can add either metal l beam to 2x4 or OSB strip as a laminate.

Thanks Cameron

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