Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update 09-03-2013

Update 09-03-2013

Spent most of my time on a new creek bed and building foreground mountains upgrade from Forks Creek towards Idaho Springs.

The mountain area is in 2 parts, one stationary, the other removable to maintenance.

First another 3-4 ft of Creek. This is in front of where Argo Mill and mine will be. There was a park across river in foreground so working with some static grass. Need some other colours to mix in so working real slow. Have old Noch static applicator, they have new more powerful one I'd like to try.

Location where removable mountain will go.

Small removable mountain compared to previous. Made on Blackboard with cardboard webbing (use precut from Micro-Mark) with plaster cloth added. Will add Sculpt-a-mold then rock castings.

Here is the in-progress mountain placed on layout to test fit. This is wider than real area on Clear Creek but had to make some compromise to allow reaching turn-out and trains for maintenance or derailments.

Guess that is about it for progress so far this week.

Thanks Cameron

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