Monday, September 2, 2013

Update 09-02-2013

Update 09-02-2013

Focused on the removable mountain part of the Forks Creek Scene. The lights were washing out the removable mountains colors and it was simply too bare.

Scene about done. Coal bunker is temporary need to lower sides. Trees on Mountain really help and the seam were you can remove is now camouflaged pretty well.

Trees are improved Bachmann, Supertrees, and Timber Line Scenery (got a good deal on e-bay).

Close up. Redid telegraph poles using Rix plastic cross arms painted. I think these are better then the metal ones before.

Another angle made while working on upgrade removable mountain. Not happy with water flow below trestle, will have to redo and try again.

Wider shot from the same angle as above.

That's it for today. Will post progress on the upgrade removable mountain tomorrow.

Thanks for looking

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