Thursday, October 10, 2013

Been awhile

With Office/Hobby room mostly moved it is time to get back to the layout. Want to thanks all those who have posted pictures of work spaces, gave me some good ideas. Plan to build spray booth in closet using Louis's plan. Add some shelves and that will give a lot more storage. Hopefully then I will have room to start some builds.

On the Layout been spending most time on Idaho Springs and Argo Tunnel area. The creek is coming along. Finally finished draft on booklet for Rivers, Rapids and Rushing Streams, hope it will be out before Christmas.

Fixed creek bed using paynes gray and more dirt. Here you can see color and resin pour at the site of the future coal distributor. Plan on using the Campbell kit like on Harry Brunk's layout.

Added some details.

Showing most of length here. Once track in this should be a nice spot to view trains rumbling past the Argo tunnel. Have 2 curved stub turn-outs to make to handle mine traffic. The Argo tunnel survived past the demise of the railroad, only closing when tunnel flooded.

Installed 2x4 to hold mine track, may redo with idea of having a animated mine train coming out of tunnel to ore bins and processing. Bins will be a challenging build (for me at least).

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Thanks Cameron

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