Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday brief update


A brief update. Gloss added and a few close-ups of rapids.

The light lets you see the effect of the Mod Podge.

Close-up of rapids with highlighting, may add a little more.

Tried to vary each rapids to make unique.

I really like this one, unique configuration.

Final shot of rapids

Debating adding pillow filler as spray, it can work, but it also can look fake. Still pondering. Issue is how you secure it. if pressed in resin while wet, great care must be taken to ensure no resin gets on fibers. From prior tests tendency is to use too much. Once in place after it dries I have had to thin considerably.

Sorry for quality of photo's, son used my small camera and then forgot where he put it.

Thanks Cameron


  1. This is a fabulous blog! I have modeled in most of the popular scales, but I'm currently in love with 1:20.3 (Fn3) Scale and was looking for inspiration for my next railroad. After riding the Georgetown Loop last summer I decided that would be a good place to start. My blog, has a page dedicated to other blogs I find interesting and noteworthy, and I'm putting your blog on my list. Thank you for sharing all this information with the rest of the world.