Thursday, June 26, 2014

As promised some update photo's:

As promised some update photo's:

Qtr view with batten installed.

Rear wall temporarily in place

Interior partitions to control light both natural and artificial.

Evans LED's are prewired and have resistors included to make install on a 12v system easy. Adding an additional resistor will dim the light. Lights in early 1900's were more orange than today so I will be adding another resistor to drop light level and shift temperature. If that does not go orange sufficiently will tint with Tamiya transparent paint mixed with Aleene's clear glue and spread over the led.

LED placement from rear.

Close-up of exterior with natural light

Close-up of exterior with artificial light on. Lights require control of light leaks, have some more work to do on the interior window to make sure not telltale lights shine through.

Trim is next. Then interior, mount roof, finish stairs and weather.

Almost to the finish line.

Thanks Cameron

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