Monday, June 23, 2014

Beaver Brook Station Update

Well, been hard at it, made some good progress. Had to hold off on the scratch built windows due to time constraints.

Here are some photos:

This is the almost completed right wall. Still needs weathering and some trim board. The merging of the foundations is achieved by using colored plaster squeezed into the crack between plaster castings making up the foundation. They are then carved and colored.

Northeastern has a really good roofing material. I like the variations in color and the way it is made it is easy to split.

The window peaks are scratch-built. The beams are to support the station deck. Doors are also scratch-built.

Adding the deck to the supports. You can also see the batten added.

Added 2 sides and roof to show a mock-up of the building in whole.

If it were not for the time constraint this would be a really fun build.

Thanks Cameron

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