Monday, August 19, 2013

Rivers, Rapids & Rushing Streams - Post Surgery update

Rivers, Rapids & Rushing Streams

Finally able to go out to the train room. Still somewhat limited in mobility so stuck to tasks I did not have to climb around to work on.

Here is some of the finished work on the Clear Creek in the canyon at the siding.

This is the section we are going to work on. Notice the addition of a little silicon sealer to make the rapids. These will be highlighted when dry.

A quick revisit on tools. Here is the matte gel I use. Note the pointed brush. I recommend using pointed over chisel or flat as the pointed gives a more pleasing tapering flow than the flat does.

Same here with the gloss. In reviewing the work before I notice the flat was leaving more patches than streaks of gloss, it did not look as natural.

Here you can see the pointed brush stroke and how it tapers. A little slower to put on but hopefully you will agree it looks better.

Here the matte gel is applied fully, but not dry. Note how the pointed brush shows flow better.

Here is the matte get almost dry, put on gloss the same way but just a little to add some sparkle.

Introducing a new tool in the arsenal, this is matt gel and is opaque. Used where you want to show flow and retain color.

Here is the matte opaque gel lightly added. A little is good and is easy to put too much. Use pointed brush to show taper. Light strokes to emphasis flow.

So thats it for today. May try and highlight tonight if feeling up to it.

Thanks Cameron

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