Saturday, September 1, 2012

Colorado on my mind!

Colorado on my mind!

Sorry for the song there.

In Colorado, besides being run off the road, trip is all I hoped. First day wife and I shot 1000 photos. 2nd Day 600 photo's & 1 hour video of Harry Brunk's Layout in Cheyenne. Day 3 1150 shots and 1 hour video Going up Clear Creek Canyon to Idaho Springs and Georgetown.

Since the DGCCRR is based on the Clear Creek Branch of the C&S and heavily inspired by Harry It seemed appropriate to post a few shots. Here are a few highlights:

Map of Canyon

Magnificent mountains raise up.

Clear Creek. According to my reference photos in Colorado Central (Sundance Publishing), the wood you see is probably the remains of the Golden water flume.

And the highlight of Day 1 - We found roadbed and Tough Cuss Pass.

Unfortunately the Tough Cuss on the layout is a little too long, so will be doing some surgery on it when I get back.

And finally a teaser - Harry's Layout. Will post a lot more on it in new thread.

Met both Mike and another gentlemen who went out of their way to help me get good shots and even special angles. The folks there are super and they are doing great work. New section to Golden being added and the run to Silver Plume is being lengthened, this will take an iconic layout to an even higher level!

Post more later - Cameron

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