Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tie coloring

Paul Scole's book also had a section on painting track. I had sprayed track with flat brown and it helped, but I was not happy with color.

Using info from Paul (saw his layout in Seattle and it was great) I went back and tried a small section of track. Took about 30 minutes per 3 foot. Paul recommends paint pens to randomly color each tie, then once dry go over with a Min-Wax American stain pen (available at Walmart or Home Depot).

Here is the result:

Rail on top is the original color (for most part). Bottom rail is new with colors and Min-Wax stain applied.

Not 100% happy with paint colors I used but the idea of going over with Min-Wax stain pen seemed to help alot. Will work on adding some more greys then retest.

Thanks Cameron

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