Friday, November 8, 2013

First Impressions of new WOW101 decoder

Quick WOW Decoder update will post more in DCC section.

Got mine I ordered in Late July in. TCS was really good, I order WOW100 which has Keep Alive. They sent me new WOW101 plus the KV2 keep alive at no extra cost (they are doing for all WOW100 orders). Ordered from reseller.

The advantages to WOW101 is it can be used with or without keep alive and the keep alive can be put in a different location or different orientation allowing more flexibility to fit to small loco's.

This is decoder and keep alive (thicker green object) with wires. If no keep alive needed, one set of wires will not be needed.

This is the decoder only. Scale shows it is about 1.3" and I understand a tiny bit smaller than a Tsunami.

Next step is a bench test, maybe this afternoon.

Will post and if decent will make a small youtube.

Thanks Cameron

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