Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Redesign of Idaho Springs

Lots of redesign going on. Move entire town down 6 inches and widen road by shifting everything to front by 1 inch. Now road looks much better.

Got so really good input over at NarrowGaugeChat from folks who live there. Shopchief had walked that section with an old salt that remembered the C&S tracks. Result was repositioning the mainline north of the creek and making the Hukil spur enter from east.

Original design with Creek south of mainline and Hukil spur from the west.

New design with mainline north of creek, Hukil spur from east and Stanley spur to south of complex.

Overview shot showing curve and spurs. Another removable mountain will be inside curve with the wagon road just under.

Another overview. Still unsure about exact creek course and bridges.

Last overview shot a little closer for details

Still working on creek placement, there was a water redirect from creek to Stanley. Need to determine bridge location and try to work in the bridge over mine (#14 I think).

Once that is drawn in I'll begin backdrop, cut out creek, lay track and mock-up 3d structures.

Thoughts, comments?

Thanks Cameron

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