Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20 2014 Tuesday Update

Been way too long.

The dual gauge is taking lots of time. Also we are having a teenager move in for a little while to help her and the family out so taking alot of time getting the house ready.

Did get a dual gauge turn-out, mostly done. It is a HON3-HON2 stub switch. Could not find a template and Fast Tracks is not doing custom jigs at this time. So using my HON3 #6 and the N-Nn3 Template to try and get a working template. Will post pictures when it gets close.

Shot a quick picture with phone while doing a test on the Dual Gauge track with a HON2/Z scale test locomotive. Sorry for quality. Clear Creek rough-in seen on the right.

HON3 ME track with pcb soldered in every 6th tie. HON2/Z scale third rail soldered in between. This is the first successful test run.

Also Beaver Brook Station scratch-build underway.

Thanks Cameron

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