Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Late Sunday Update and need some advice

Sunday was first break to get to the layout again. Between bug bombing house and other chores still got about 4 -5 hours in (Sunday is my modeling day). Spent most time on Black Hawk, really enjoying this section. Got in plans from Mike Blazek for Eagle Mill, Rocky Mtn Concetrator and New York Mill. Will photo copy and make mock-ups to verify spacing.

Pretty much relaid all track, with main piece having every 6th tie removed to allow PCB to be soldered in place. Then will add third rail so will be 3'/2' gauge. Tried glue with no luck. Also completed more creek cut-outs and began forming creek bed. Turn-outs to be dual-gauge in most cases, built in place. 

Idaho Springs to Georgetown curve creek cut out and plaster cloth added.

North Black Hawk with Gilpin Engine House and cardboard to mark warming house position. Not much on warming house to go on, have dimensions and know was stone, that is about all. Creek roughed is with plaster cloth mostly done.

North Black Hawk to right of previous picture. Track laid ready to solder in pcb ties and add third rail. Creek repositioned to allow for Eagle Mill to right of Polar Star in picture.

Looking towards Clear Creek Canyon (Canon). The mine is now removed to make room for New York Mill and Rocky Mtn. Concentrator. Track in place, switches to be built in-place. Did it this way to allow a train to be run since these are dual gauge and will take some time to construct.

By turning track and station a little I can include a partial State Ore facility. No 2' gauge here according to 1898 Map I am using as my reference. This area is designed to really show confines of valley and the density of buildings in that space.

Here is where I need Advice The prototype has concentrator spur coming from behind picture to front. Space seems to only allow coming from front of camera. Also Prototype has 2' entering back of Mill, only way I can accomplish is coming from side. Do alteration like that violate the prototype, or are changes like that considered acceptable generally speaking?

Turn-table and Water Tower area.

Station Area with State Ore to left side. Most track dual-gauge, 2' - 3'.

So far like this plan much better. Next steps will be: adding building mock-ups to check spacing, beginning back-drop and finishing pcb ties and laying third rail.

Comments and advice welcome.

Thanks Cameron

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