Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday end of Passover update

Had 4 services to lead so not as much modeling time as I would like.  The rebuild of Black Hawk is continuing with some final decisions made.  Laid-out all track and building positions.  Had to redo about 5 ft of main line including into the canyon.  This went pretty well.  Used alcohol to soften the old ballast and scrapped up with a serrated paring knife and a scrapper.  Cut new creek bed in with new bridge location.  The Dual Gauge 2' & 3' will run past New York Mill and a turn-out added to form a 2 track 2' gauge spur at the mill.

Moving the main-line toward back (Where turntable will go) also allows a good bit of room for the front 1/2 of the Rocky Mtn Concentrator.  There will be 1 dual gauge spur and a second 2' gauge spur.  Prototype 2' gauge goes behind building to enter from the rear.  If I want to use this as a active spur I will have to modify the building a little to allow track to enter from side.  Mainline then moves on to the station and downtown Black Hawk.

Starting to test the water for getting new 20 x 30 train shed.  If I don't post you'll know it went really bad.  I plan to retire in 14 years and my in-laws are leaving their house to my wife and I.  Comes with a 20 x 40 nice shed that would be a good layout room.  If I can pull this off, I can move current layout and then concentrate on making layout in movable sections that when the time comes can be relocated in a u-haul.

The idea of building in modules is really intriguing.  Never seen a 2 level module, but seems doable.  Thinking of using some kind of iron or steel upright with 2 brackets and spacing every 2 ft as support.  The days of massive 3 tier would probably be the biggest change I make if I redo.  One other big advantage besides taking it with me is I think I could build both aisles and side sections wider.  24" aisles are really too narrow (live and learn) and by making Black Hawk and Idaho Springs 6" deeper it would allow more depth to towns, making I think more realistic.

Also working some on adding new motor and WOW 101 to a Lambert Mogul.  It is now running on DCC but struggling to fit Keep Alive in.  Tired boiler, just a tad short so KA hits the gear tower.  Wish the KA from TCS was a 1/4" shorter.  Learning about shimming drive train, etc to make it reliable.  If KA does not fit I will be working to add more pick-ups.

Thats about it, nothing really to take pictures of, maybe next Sunday will be far enough along to take some snaps.

Thanks Cameron

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