Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Still plugging away

Wanted o give a brief update.

Working on Black Hawk laying out buildings.  Went in a new direction.  Black Hawk is a city of mills and mines.  I removed the Cimaron Mine (will put it some place else).  In it's place I'm moving the track and Clear Creek toward edge to make room for more mills.  Ordered the New York, Rocky Mtn Concentrator and Eagle Mill.  Two of 3 were serviced by the Gilpin.  The Concentrator and New York Mill will be near the Turntable.

Trying to focus the Black Hawk section on:
Turntable area
Gregory Street
50 Gold Mine Mill (part will be a lift-out)
Polar Star
Gilpin Engine house.

 This is the turntable area with the New York Mill and Rocky Mtn Concentrator

This is the Depot Area and the 50 Gold Mine Mill.  Gregory street will be the main built city portion.

 The Eagle Mill and Polar Star Mill section.

Making the dual gauge has been a little more difficult than I thought.  The ACC did not hold the rail, so I will ahve to remove every 6 or 7th tie and replace with psc solderd to all three rails to ensure they stay in gauge.  I will then add spikes.  At this rate it might be better just to hand-lay all the track in this area.

Also working on matte board buildings with plans adhered to it.  These will become the future buildings.

Last project is adding a WOW 101 to a 2-6-0 Lambert mogul.  Going slow and testing every step.  Having to put Keep Alive in boiler and decoder in the tender with the speaker.  Just could not quite get them both in the tender.

Thanks for stopping by - Cameron

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