Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sunday 12-Aug Update

Sunday 12-Aug Update

Was not able to do much last week due to Son's Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. So Sunday is my first day to try and make some real progress.

Decided to work on Deck 1 scenery rough-in and made some headway. Used traditional card board web with plaster cloth. One challenge is Deck 1 to Deck 2 on the middle peninsula has only about 11-12" working clearance, so have to be careful as I work in that space. Since this area is mainly scenery and functions as a open outside helix to go from deck 1 Golden to Deck 2 Forks Creek it is not a big limitation.

Webbing of cardboard where deck 1 transitions to deck 2.

This is looking upgrade towards deck 2. Elk Creek bridge will cross Clear Creek on this section. The Central Valley Bridges are not looking as prototypical as I would like. Trying a Campbell kit I got the see how it looks. Will post results in a month or so.

This is the bend doing a 180 around the peninsula.

This is same rough shot showing transition from deck 1 to deck 2. Plaster cloth in place. Will add Sculpt-a-mold to give strength and texture. Will need to add some trees to block view as train goes into turn.

Looking upgrade, the plaster cloth really gives a rough look at what scene will look like. Built rough in around mine that will go on this stretch. It will help break-up any monotony on this side. Need to add second string of LED's to balance color and make brighter. Using 60 LED meter of warm white along with the 60 led per meter bight white you see.

This is the view with both decks showing, you can see how much more light is needed on deck 1.

Speaking of light, added 2nd string of LED's to deck 2. Existing was 120 LED meter bright white, added 120 LED meter warm white to double light and give a more pleasing color. Made a big difference. Lights are currently attached to bottom of deck 3 horizontal supports. Need to raise them up a few inches so going to drill supports and thread lights.

It was a good day with a lot done in 4+ hours. Really looking forward to getting left side of deck 1 roughed in and the Sculpt-a-mold on both sides. Once painted base color I will be a good position to start detailing both deck 1 and 2. Hopefully once done this will give me the area I need to apply for my AP in scenery.

Turn-outs still a little rough, need to file some and the gaps I have been putting in styrene fillers to prevent shorts.

Off to local Piedmont Division meeting tonight.

Thanks Cameron

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