Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Update 5-August

More Sunday fun.

Was my son's 13th birthday so only got about 2 hours to work on the layout. Also been beta testing software so not as much as progress as I'd like.

Tired to concentrate on a few specific items to get some meaningful progress. First of all worked on turn-out on deck 1 to get it completed. Then added a turn-out to service a mine in Clear Creek. There were some small mines in the canyon, so this is a rule #1 freelance effort, but added some interest to a side of the middle peninsula that had only a bridge to interest. The mine could have a few support structures (maybe a few small cabins, etc.) Finished up by dropping more power drops and beginning to paint the rail and ties.

Here is the turn-out that was driving me batty. Painting also really helped. Turn-out is controlled by a Bullfrog from FastTracks.

Here you can see the difference a little paint makes. Will go back and add some lighter ties and some grime down middle.

Looking at yard painted.

Looking at new spur for the mine.

This is the mine, it is a nice Banta kit. I over-weathered it so need to tone-it down.

All in all happy considering amount of time I had to spend.

Next week son is being Bar Mitzvah'd so it will limit work again.

Thanks Cameron

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