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Sunday Update 26 August

Sunday Update 26 August.

Spent my time finishing rough Scenery for Deck 1, also add stone wall for Forks Creek.

This is the beginnings of the platform at Beaver Brook. One of my friends over on HON3Chat mentioned using wooden coffee stirrers for planking. I picked a few up at a coffee house and they work out to be scale 16". So ordered 1000 for 8 bucks including shipping. Stained using Silverwood stain for Builders in Scale. Not bad, once installed and weathered I think it will look good, and at less that 1 cent each, makes a good rough lumber. Beaver Brook had alot of plank down for passengers to walk on. Also read an article I think in NMRA magazine on wooden roads. Thinking this would be good for that and wooden sides walks. Might even give it a god for a stamp mill.

This is looking downgrade towards Tough Cuss Pass. Deb on HON3Chat had shown some pictures of her layout and she used a brush with sorta of stipple stroke to add texture, tried it out and I think looks good, effect changes based on how long you wait between spreading Sculpt-a-mold and using the brush.

This is Magpie it had a section house, outhouse, toolhouse, boxcar bunkhouse, and barn. More hills than the verticals further u the canyon. Will cover with grass and a few rocks. Used less stippling here based on pictures I've seen.

This is looking upgrade through Tough Cuss Pass. I tried to put dynamite drill holes into wall but they are too faint, will work on that. Some India ink and alcohol will help add definition.

This is Chimney Gulch with passing siding. Made walls a little more vertical to add rock casting and make room for some support structures if needed.

Sure could use some advice here. Adding the mine and bringing the mountain out so far left me without room for Huntsman which had a Section house,handcar shed, coal, ice,and bunkhouse. This picture is where I was trying moving the mine down to make room for Huntsman. Not sure it worked. So do I skip the mine, ship Huntsman, or try to fit in both?

This is the mine from the other side.

One idea folks suggested was using parts of the vertical on the viewing side of the track to show depth. Since the Canyon gets tight, I think it adds some character to the view and makes the valley seem tight and confined, as it is in most places.

This is part of the front vertical coming just after the bridge (to be added) and going into the curve to Deck 2. This curve will need work to help hide the bench-work. Worse-case I will modify bench-work to eliminate the cross beam by using vertical supports behind the cliff face.

This is the only work I did on Deck 2, since I had the Sculpt-a-mold out I filled in the back and the stone retaining wall and mounted it. Also ran wiring for the Forks Creek restaurant lighting.

Final view is Deck 1 180 turn from Beaver Brook to Huntsman. Cutting creek back and sloping. This will allow a couple of vertical walls to reinforce the front side of the canyon to give more depth and feel of the train passing through a narrow canyon.

Heading for Colorado Thursday, so wont have any updates for 3 weeks. Hope to add some real pictures of the Canyon, Golden, Black Hawk, Georgetown, Silver Plume etc to the posts. From there on a anniversary cruise with my better half, then on to Seattle for the Narrow Gauge convention. Hope to post a few pictures from there also.

Thanks Cameron

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