Sunday, December 1, 2013

Clearing up confusion

Sorry it is confusing. Including a track plot (crude) showing what is going on.

The right upper is begins at 53" and over 22' climbs to 59". The section in the drawing is going from about 56" to 59 1/2".

I used cookie cutter not cut-outs as it works better from most of the layout. The curve on the left is fairly flat to reduce the combined curve, grade apparent grade. There is a lift-out that then spans 4' to Georgetown at 61". It is straight so grade works out to just a tad over 3%.

One complication is the switchback to extreme left which is behind the curve and separated by a backdrop. Having to work on the switchback to get it roughed in before I can finish curve.

Hope that explains better.

The 1/2" extra layer of blackboard was placed under curve extending to Stanley Mill, then grade drops that 1/2" to the singe layer rest of layout. This was done to give creek enough depth without cutting plywood.

Thanks Cameron

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