Monday, December 9, 2013

Update 12-8-2013

Still working, just little to post.

Thought I'd do a quick update on some work-bench projects supporting layout build.

LaBelle kit Gondola about 50% done. Using the kit to help with scratch build efforts. Interesting note, all but about 85 Gondola's had 4 boards, only the very first series has 3. Based on research, if someone has more please let me know.

2nd scratch-built coal-car (Gondola), this is a Phase 2 with 4 boards. Using scale 6x6 for posts. want to put nbw in 2 per horizontal board. Since this is for AP program trying to figure a way to make NBW's instead of buying. Ideas?

This is the first coal car test build. Ended up too wide so it will be recycled for something else. Wanted to show underside and bolsters.

Been comparing new Sergents Sharon couplers with current EN's I have been using. Sharon on left is smaller and looks much closer to the tower coupler used on a lot of C&S equipment. Sharon is colored using neo-lube which is a graphite coating in alcohol that when dry leaves a smooth operating coupler with nice coloring.

This is a test wall for one of the 2 coal houses in Idaho Springs. It is roughly modeled after Crystal Rivers excellent coal house with both sizing and support modifications to better represent the Idaho Springs pictures I have.

So still plugging away. Cold and rainy in HotAlanta.

Thanks Cameron

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