Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Update Dec 15th 2013

Sunday Update Dec 15th 2013

Son and I installed the last adjustable support Sunday afternoon (went to see Hobbit 2 in morning, great flick).

Used the 2x8 spanning between walls (11' 6"). Bolted in a 2x4 with holes drilled thorough the 4" side. Used threaded rod (1/2") through blackboard and plywood sub-roadbed into another 2x4 10'. Spaces rods 3 feet from each side leaving a 5' 6" span between.

The rod is secured with fender washer and double nuts. It is strong and adjustments easy and very precise. Able to control grade to the .02% range.

Now waiting on NN3 motorized wheels to test grade and pulling ability. Once verified switch-back will be roughed in and then we can get back to laying track in Idaho Springs.

Anyone got any good pictures of the Ore Sampling structures in Idaho Springs, please let me know. Going to use the stack on that to hide one support rod.

Thanks Cameron

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