Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday Dec 24th update

Boy I'm getting slack posting. Lots of indoor projects with one new section of layout getting some attention.

First shot, I am working on another book and some magazine articles. Lighting was causing some issues so I had a choice of going photo box or umbrellas. Ended up trying umbrellas as the kit had 3 nice stands and 3 strong fluorescent photofloods. Remaining shots taken with to of these so results can be seen. Went from 1/4 second to 1/120 second with same f-stop so pretty happy with result and not a lot of heat to contend with.

Next began testing out the Pricom dream player pro. Right now until 31st Dec they are offering 20% off all orders. This unit is a big step up from mp3 players I was using. Fully programmable with multi-track simultaneous play, triggers for input so what is going on on the layout can play specific sounds (example an optical sensor can detect trolley and ring bell, when trolley pulls away, bell stops). It also has outputs so it can make something on the layout perform an action.

Friend over on Narrow gauge Chat made me some spacers for 24"-21" and 21"-18" radius curved turn-outs. They are spot-on and really nice. Use FastTrack jig to position top rail, then solder on pcb ties. Then take out of jig, place the new wood spacer in place and build the remainder of the turnout. Nice smooth curves.

Next project is building a HON2 shay to use on the Gilpin portion of the layout. Shell shown is a HOn30 from Shapeways 3D Printing. The grain is very fine and I think it will finish well, may need some sanding. Idea is to use a z scale flea motor to power rear, or front and rear trucks.

This project needs to be used to test acceptable grade as the section behind the curve outside Idaho Springs is where part of the switch-back to mines around Central City will go. Need to rough in switch-back before I can completed the curve and mainline to Georgetown.

Close-up of shay shell.

Last but not least, re-motoring and adding DCC to 2 PFM brass loco's. Both are tender drive and seem to roll well. Trying both a 750 Tsunami and a WOW 101 on the 2-8-0. It will also have c=sound. The 2-6-0 in very tight. May have to use a digitrax decoders without sound on it, or see if maybe a Zimo sound might fit. Have the "sugar" cube speakers from several companies so I think I could fit it in.

Family out of town so tomorrow hopefully can get some more done.

Thanks Cameron

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