Sunday, February 12, 2012

Benchwork done - woot!

This was a banner weekend, the rough benchwork is in with the blackboard covering. 

Front Wall with all 3 decks visible.

Back wall, where lumber is showing is deck 1

Here is the middle peninsula from the back, you can see how the trains travel up the grade.  The top is Georgetown and the loop, access is from Idaho Springs on Deck 2 back wall.

 Middle peninsula from the front.  The last ramp exits to Forks Creek which then Y's to Blackhawk on right and Idaho Springs on the left.

This is a shot of the middle peninsula from the front.

Still need some transitions:
  •  Deck 1 Denver to Golden
  • Deck 2 Blackhawk south to north and Gilpin Tram
  • Deck 2 Idaho Springs to Deck 3 Georgetown
  • Deck 3 Georgetown loop to Silver Plume
  • Deck Gilpin Tram to Central City
Will begin laying the test track next.

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