Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Progress 26 Feb

I ordered a set of 300 led 5 m lights off evil-bay. Got the power supply and
dimmer.  The shipment arrived really fast, little over a week. the LED's were about
$11-12, power supply about 10 and the dimmer 8-9. Dimmer is 8 amp so it should
do 2-3 sets of lights. The led strip already had wires attached and the power
supply had a neat adapter so you just screwed wires in like a DCC power station.

Below are shots of the lights, the dimmer, the hookup and some test on the
middle peninsula. One set at about 11", other about 9". Folks had warned me
they would be dimmer than CFL's and they are, it will probably take 2-3 strands,
at least at the 11" distance.

All in all, I was very happy with the result. I'll use CFL's where I have
21-24" deck separation and LED's for the 9-11".  Did a test install, here are some of the results.

They arrived in antistatic packaging, very nicely packaged.

They are prewired and the power supply has a nice adapter that screws on.

Here is a picture at 11"

They sell a nice 8 amp dimmer for $8-9.

Below is a picture of the placement of the Roundhouse and temporary TT.  Managed to
get a good part of the main-line turn-outs in in the Denver yard. Also mounted
another 6-7 CFL's. got to the left wall where the Smelter will go. Really
wanted that done so I could begin laying code 55 to Golden.

Here is  the Compact Fluorescent lights over the roundhouse.  That is a temporary Turntable, but it worked to help figure out the relative placement.

The Denver yard main track.  Engine and Yard switch off this line.

This is the turn to the left wall, the Smelter will take up the entire corner and the yard the rest of this side.

Making progress, wish it could go faster, just have to be patient.

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