Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Alive part two

Made good progress Monday, had the day off and worked 6-7 hours.  The deck 1 lighting is progressing, adding several lights a day.  Concentrated on Denver Yard and got about 10+ ft of track down and worked out the actual track vs the plan. 

Surprisingly it is going pretty close to plan.   On Rail Forums someone had suggested reversing yard to make reaching switches easier, but after laying it out, went back to the plan Keevan helped me with.  Seems like everything is going to fit well, the layout actually is not as tight as the drawing for space.

Shows how I did the deck 1 lighting (middle peninsula will be led's if they work-out.  Then how lighting looks over reverse loop in Denver with Roundhouse shuck in for reference.  Also show mogul running on DC up middle peninsula with switch.  Changed colors to show revised creek's path.

Lack of switches is slowing me down so hope to knock out a bunch thins week.

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