Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Alive!

Today was a good day on the DG&CC RR. Even better, off tomorrow for Presidents day so hopefully another long work session.

Highlights were:

  • Laid almost 50% of the middle peninsula track and ran both a DC Brass Mogul and a DCC Blackstone 2-8-0. First run of anything on the new layout so really happy about that milestone.
  • Put in 2 T-5 over head lights
  • Began install of deck 1 lighting. Used ideas from the forums; this first set is CFL every 2 ft (Daylight 60w). Ordered LED's to use on the middle peninsula where height between decks is an issue. Found medium base sockets at Lowes for $1.34. Home Depot has a slighly better one for a few cents more. Wired in a dimmer and surprisingly it worked some on the regular cfl.

Here is a picture of the inaugural run of a Blackstone 2-8-0 C-19.

The little squiggle is where I was working out the cut for the creek.

All in All a good day. Hope to post some details on the lights and some more pictures tomorrow. Will use a real camera instead of my iphone.

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