Thursday, February 9, 2012

Deck 3 beginning pictures

Well both the front and back of deck 3 are roughed in.  Had to move the middle loft (storage) up and this turned out to take about 2 days to do.  Wife and son helped, boy does my back feel it.  The completed by putting insulation in place.  Thinking about going  back and using left over tempered board to cover lower insulation on rafters.  This would allow sky and clouds to be painted.

Here is deck 3 front, back is same but 3" higher to allow a nod under (or removable) connector from Idaho Springs to Georgetown.

Need only 4 more pieces of plywood to finish decking.  They are sure proud of that stuff, costs have sky rocketed.  Whoever says inflation is 3-4% sure doesn't live where I live.

Next step is to put 1x2 on the third tier to complete the L-girder, then permanently do the supports.  That may be a little in the future as I have to figure out how to hide them.  May go up to ceiling instead of down to deck 2.  Strapping or a threaded rod would work really well.  I like the idea of the threaded rod as it is adjustable and small so hiding it will be easier.  Maybe inside a mountain, trees or smoke even.

Cameron / OD

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