Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Got a Hakko FX-888 Solder Station in. Was between it and the Weller unit.

The Hakko at first impression is a really nice unit. The colors are a little
weird (blue and yellow) but unit is in 2 parts, transformer with temp control
and the solder stand with 3 types of cleaner (wire, rubber and sponge). I
really like the wire following Scoops videos.

The specs say 30 warm up and the temp control claims to be accurate at +/- 1.5
degree. Dial is in both C & F. it has a lock and a calibration setting screw.
An indicator light shows when warming.

First test was impressive compared to my cheapy Weller Station I got from
Micro-Mark. At 250 C the tip immediately tinned. Watching unit it is switching
on and off every 5-10 seconds to keep tip hot.

The solder stand though it looks funky is much better than the wire coil one.
the iron itself is a joy to hold, much lighted and design fits hand much better
than Weller.

I really wanted to buy the better Weller, made in US and all that. But I think
this is a better iron. Time will tell.

Like I said, First impression is very good. Will try on a Turn-out build and an
smd to see real results.

Any hints on SMD temp to use and temp for rails? So much to learn. The
instructions did say to recalibrate when changing tips. Says need a device to
measure tip temperature, anyone got any suggestions for this? Also need to get
soe other tips, came with a small chisel, need a really tiny one for SMD's.

Thanks Cameron

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