Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Update

Memorial Day Update

Today was a good day worked on Forks Creek including test fitting bridge and 3 structures. Had to cut creek deeper to clear bridge.

The View is upgrade with right track going to Blackhawk & Central City and left going to Idaho Springs, Georgetown and Silver Plume.

Here is the metal Pratt Truss that replaced the Howell Truss around 1900. This is the Central Valley kit modified for HOn3 will add the upper portion once I have the deck completed and detailed, will add walkway and wood planking.

Here is the actual split of the Creek, North branch is smaller and goes to Blackhawk. The South branch goes to Idaho Springs and has more flow.

Here is the Passing siding just before Forks Creek. Used a 2-8-0 and a 2-8-2 to verify clearance. Thinking about putting the Grandt Line mine here to give more visual interest. Any thoughts?

Here is the first painting of the rough terrain by Beaver Brook looking downgrade. Need some feed back, does the color look ok?

This is an upgrade view.

This is the downgrade creek from Beaver Brook. Decided to take creek under track to allow creek to disappear in the background and track can be hidden as it turns.

Thanks Cameron

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