Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday 3 June Update

Sunday 3 June Update

The weather here has been hot! Broke 90 2 days in a row. Finally rain Friday and temp dropped to low 80's. A little easier to motivate myself to work on the Layout.

Forks Creek is slow going having to build the bridges. So switched to down grade from Beaver Brook. The creek turn was not working to hide the overhang. So backed up and added a rule#1 element, a short tunnel. While C&S Clear Creek had no tunnels there were some steep cuts. When highway built, it has many tunnels so the use of a tunnel to bypass an eroding roadbed would be a reasonable item on the line. Hope my C&S friends will forgive me. Here are the photo's:

Looking downgrade from from Beaver Brook towards new tunnel.

An up-close look at the tunnel roughed in.

Here is my sons BlackStone 2-8-2 peaking through the tunnel, used it to verify clearance.

While waiting for layers to set, started an area that you can still see on google maps, the Tough Cuss Pass. This is a sharp turn to allow track to pass between solid rock walls. Unfortunately Google maps will not do a street view of it so basing on books I have. Here is how its looking:

This is the pass from the creek (aisle) view. A lot of sculpt-a-mold still to go.

This is looking upgrade from Magpie through Tough Cuss Pass. You can see the tight turn needed on the prototype to navigate.

Here is my wife's 2-8-0 peeking through the pass looking downgrade.

All in all a good day, also managed to do some moving of items from old layout room to new room. Son helped alot by putting up some more insulation on 1 wall and a 24" by 14 foot section of roof. Got a turn-out control (bullfrog) installed and tested. That was my first Turn-out build that is now fully operational. Still need to power the frog.

Thanks Cameron

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