Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday 24-June Update

Sunday Update - Got alot done!

Got a solid 6 hours in and made some progress on scenery. Want to finish this section so I can use it for the AP Program towards MMR.

The Oscillating saw came to the rescue doing the Elk Creek bridge abutments. The flush cut and being able to precisely control depth was great. Also go my wet mount rock molds in so tried them out.

This is a Central Valley Pratt Truss bridge I kit-bashed to make 2 bridges out of 1 kit. Had to make molds of a few parts to get it to work. Planking added to make walkway. Abutments are castings made from a abutment I had. Had to be shortened. Bridge still needs final paint.

Up close of downgrade abutment, Noch flexible stone retaining used on the far creek bank.

Bridge ready to be removed and creek prep'd for resin and bottom.

Creek prep. Used burnt umber to provide more depth and added Arizona River rock to shallow bank.

Here is the creek under the Elk Creek Bridge. Added Burnt Umber for depth and Arizona River rock to shallow areas. The abutments are washed with rock color, need to add india ink wash to show stones. Noch flexible stone seen in far bank. There is a drop to the right where there will be some rapids.

Here is the creek looking upgrade to Forks Creek. As before Burnt Umber for depth and Arizona Rock on banks.

This is the downgrade creek from Beaver Brook.

Here is Beaver Brook. The Brook has a wooden flue with small bridge where it meets creek. Used craft work to build abutments. Arizona Rock used in brook bed. Use walnut stain as a "creosote" covering.

Got the wet mount molds in, really like them. Here is a shot of 2 molds in-place. Using Woodland Scenics Hydrocal.

Here is the result. On left bottom is Woodland Scenics molded rock hot glued on. Above and to right are wet mount.

Here is my 1st attempt at Hanging Rock, an iconic landscape highlight of the Clear Creek.

All in all a good day. The Arizona Rock still must be brushed off to remove loose pieces. Lots more work on creek before any envirotex will be added.

Thanks Cameron

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